La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans

the world-famous Balsamic of Modena
Du Captaine’ vinegar of St-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans gives the world-famous Balsamic of Modena DOP a good competition on the best kinds of vinegar of the world.

La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans is based in the village of the island’s captains in Saint-Jean. Fittingly so their homemade vinegar is branded as ‘Du Captaine’ to pay homage to Capitaine Joe Noël, in celebration and to remember the rich history of the maritime village.

Owner Vincent Noël started his business as a blackcurrant farmer on the island, experimenting with new means of farming and harvesting of the small fruits. After acquiring a traditional processing plant his experiments took a new level when he dabbled with aromatized vinegar, soon producing his own wine vinegar with his own grown blackcurrants. Intrigued with the results of his experiment he developed a thirst for vinegar knowledge. His research on the topic spanned three continents where he acquired skills and knowledge to bring back to his own artisan vinegar production on the island.

Almost 10 years after his first success with vinegar Noël opened his boutique in Saint-Jean with his wife France Gagnon where their products start with their eight distinctive and unique vinegar (including mixes with different types of small fruits to a distinctive vanilla vinegar) but also includes spreads, syrups, ketchup, mustards and vinaigrettes that you simply must take home when you leave the Ile d’Orleans.

Vinegar production can be a lengthy process, each batch being aged for over a year each in wooden barrels in the cellar. However, the traditional vinegar production method used at La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans brings forward a powerful and memorable vinegar flavor that you will want to enjoy over all your meals. In fact, renowned restaurateurs from all over Quebec are creating their own recipes using the Du Captaine vinegar to improve their distinct culinary creations.

Du Captaine is yet another reason why you should get to Ile d’Orleans and let your taste buds lead the way.

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