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Bikes & Scooter Rentals in Ile d'Orléans

We have bicycles, e-bikes, fatbikes, scooters and tandems available for rental on Ile d’Orléans and everything you need to have a memorable stay. We take care of everything!


Our available rentals

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Why choose Quebec Aventure Tours?

Our team offer you authentic experiences in one of the most beautiful settings in Canada: the Island of Orleans. Residents and natives of the island, we know every nook, every business and every attraction that may interest you. Depending on your interests, we recommend a personalized and fun itinerary. There is something for every taste; vineyards, chocolate factory, bakeries, historic places, beaches, shops, art galleries and spectacular landscapes.

Electric fatbike rental

Power and comfort: cycling made easy! 

Bike rental

 Ride on one of the most beautiful roads in the region: Île d’Orléans. With its amazing landscapes, it is a true cyclists’ paradise! 


Electric bike rental

Pedal easily thanks to the electric assistance.

Scooter rental

A trip to Ile d’Orléans by scooter at your own pace.


Tandem rental

Tandems to explore the island with originality


Electric stand-up scooter rental

Rent and ride an electric scooter ( standing up). Perfect for beginners


Comments and reviews

We spice up your vacation

“If you don’t ride, you will miss out”

This is the ultimate best way to visit around and enjoy the beauty of the island at a leisurely pace.

Sylvie E.

“Wonderful people and a beautiful ride. Great value.”

We were give a map, directions, suggestions on where to shop and what to see, some guidance on how to use the electric assisted bicycles and off we went. “


“Must-do, what a fun way to explore the island”

“The owner will go out of his way to make sure you feel safe and comfortable using the scooter before taking off and will give great suggestions for places to visit.”

Meg R.

“Excellent biking in Ile d’Orleans”

“Meet the island riding an electric bike was an amazing experience, it permits you exercising while seeing exceptionals landscapes.”

Antonio T.

Only the Best

Bikes & Scooter rentals for groups

Whether you represent a school, a family, a business or a large group of friends, we will be happy to organize a tailor-made package that will suit your tastes. Cycling, pétanque, scooter… there is so much to do at Québec Aventure Tours!

What’s new in l’Ile d’Orléans?

Activities to do, attractions to visit, great food to taste … our blog is full of suggestions for your next getaway to the Ile d’Orléans.

La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans

La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d’Orléans

Du Captaine’ vinegar of St-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans gives the world-famous Balsamic of Modena DOP a good competition on the best kinds of vinegar of the world. La Vinaigrerie Cass’Isle d'Orléans is based in the village of the island’s captains in Saint-Jean. Fittingly...

Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, Quebec City

Saint-Jean-de-l’Île-d’Orléans, Quebec City

Like the whole of the island, the village of Saint-Jean is a hidden treasure. Historically then this was the village of the captains. In the center of town in front of the Catholic church of Saint-Jean, there is the cemetery which holds the remains of many great...

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